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CASH GAME FESTIVAL 31 MAY-2 JUNE – Apollonia Poker Room

Apollonia Poker Room wellcomes you to another 3-day Cash Game Festival!!!


FRIDAY 31/5/2019

3 tables open at 19.00 (local)


SATURDAY 1/6/2019

3 tables open at 18.00 (local)


SUNDAY 2/6/2019

3 tables open at 16.00 (local)



For the first 6 layers on each table present within the first hour of the opening (minimum limit 2/2)

Bonus on OMAHA – 30€

Bonus on TEXAS – 20€

To fulfill requirement for BONUS, each players must:

-Play a minimum of 2 hours

-If a playersa busts out, the time limit is void

-If a player leaves table(s) before 2 hours of game. the BONUS will be retreived



With 20 euros you can stay a day at Apollonia Hotel and one of the partner hotels (vudent,bellevue ,nar, ivi etc). Basically, with this 20 euro, you also earn a promo coupon worth 20 euros which you can play at the casino and then cash out!

ivi apartments: www.facebook.com/apartmentsivigevgelija

Free benefits

In the poker room there will of course be a separate buffet for players and drinks, and for three days the players will be able to have lunch in the casino restaurant for free.

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